Stefani is an International Award-Winning Recording Artist and Songwriter with placements ranging from global artists to well-known television shows. Growing up, her father danced with her often to Nat King Cole vinyl records from the time she was an infant. Amy Grant's music shaped and inspired Stefani's beginnings in her Christian walk. So meaningful! They remain her biggest influences today. Stefani's charting songs, one of which went number one, with an artist on Warner Japan, enabled her to record her own album which she co-mixed with Philip Allen / Apprentice to Warren Huart ( Adele ) which she wrote, recorded, and produced herself. Her time in LA / NYC led her to meet some of the most influential in the music business, but also entertainment as she remains a union member of SAG-AFTRA after being involved with many network productions on camera. While in LA at Sunset Sessions, Stefani met Karla Escobar, who did a write up piece for Stefani's album entitled, I Remember, in the publication , Entertainment Tonight many of us know as E! News. While living in LA, she also met many wonderful music business professionals at the local events such as ASCAP Expo, AIMP, California Copyright Conference, Hollywood Reporter conference, Billboard and Grammy Events among others. One of those events led her to Jon Ernst who passed one of her songs on to Ann Kline, both key Music Supervisors, which landed her placement in the well-known show, "Shameless" on Showtime. 

        Stefani is not only a Creative Talent , but also a sharp business woman who knows the importance of branding, creating a mission statement, and focus. Her heart is open and she often thinks of others more than herself which many have been blessed by through her successful community events such as LA Songwriter Round, now up to 600 engaged members on the group page, a Nashville style performance in a round with music industry guest speakers from time to time. Her experience living abroad in Vienna for a season, as she happens to be an American born dual citizen with Italy, opened up opportunities for EDM features which is one of her favorite type of vocal to produce and record landing her one song which peaked at number 22 on the Beatport charts for several weeks straight. 

        Where is she today? She is here in East Nashville where she brings the same sense of community and has recently decided to start Music Business Chats With Stefani enabling creatives to feel more connected to professionals in the industry through a 15-30 minute chat via podcast. Don't let her business sense fool you. Stefani is also very focused on her own creative career as Recording Artist and Songwriter with her newest singles releasing via AWAL, an online distribution company -Kobalt Music venture. Her Producer , Shannon Sanders, who is signed to Kobalt Music with a full publishing deal, has been a friend with Stefani for 20 years.  They go back to when they practiced songs together in the practice rooms at Belmont University. Billy Prince, Studio Manager, often remembers her running to him asking for studio time in the Turnley Recording Studio owned by Belmont on campus. Stefani graduated there with a degree in Music Business. Shannon has had Grammys, Emmys, Doves, you name it, but he enables Stefani to really be a part of the production process. During college, Stefani was always around the best songwriters in Nashville often sitting on the counter right by the door at Bluebird Cafe. This enabled her to understand the heart of genuine songwriting.

           Now, Stefani is actively seeking a team. She has had single songs placed retaining her publishing and is completely independent at this time. She knows she can be ambitious, but she can not do it all. Her main interest is a publisher managing her catalogue and introducing / facilitating future endeavors and co-writes to lead to more opportunities to exploit her work. She being the networker she is also brings a lot to the table to any company taking her on their team. Her focus is mainly on SYNCH, film/TV licensing, but also her own releases as an Artist and other Artists recording her songs as well. She has a deep interest and love for film and hopes to be involved with Disney, Hallmark, ABC Family, Lifetime to name a few, and brands such as Apple, Amazon, Cracker Barrel, WF 365, Aerie, Hoka One One, Earth Therapeutics plus natural lifestyle brands: Aura Cacia, Vega, Ritual, Native, Ranger, many of which she worked with in branding roles. Now, she wants to draw from her love of amazing brands and partner with them to reach people for the greater good, which is the message in her mission statement. The body of her work can be described from Sing Songy Ad friendly Pop to Deep Cinematic feels to Modern Pop with urban 808s, yet very sparse, clean recording. Her country roots don’t lie and she does write some country, but her strengths still lie in the pop genre. 

                All in all, Stefani just wants to bring joy and peace to all those she comes in contact with. Her positive energy is contagious glorifying God in all she does with all her heart. God is first in her life. To him be ALL the glory. 


ASCAP member / Only One You Music 


SAG/AFTRA member

Handle on most socials @stefanismusic