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Stefani is an award winning international Singer Songwriter based in Nashville. Growing up, her father danced with her often to Nat King Cole vinyl records. He remains one of her biggest influences today. The timeless, classic, romantic, simplistic yet deep heartfelt aura in his music can be heard running through her music. During college, Stefani was always around real songwriters in Nashville often sitting on the counter right by the door at Bluebird Cafe. This enabled her to understand the heart of genuine songwriting. As a songwriter for other artists, Stefani has had #1 singles overseas via Warner Music Japan, but continues to self-publish her music. Chosen for a feature film filming early 2020, Stefani has a few different talents. Her story is epic and filled with roadblocks, detours that gracefully led her to her ideal purposeful destination. 


As an artist herself, Stefani releases music partnering with global and local organizations + brands to support meaningful causes for the greater good. She focuses on synch licensing in TV/Film with songs great for ads, montages, features, transitional pieces, trailers, and promos. Her previous release of "I Remember" is a full album of substance, depth, and tenderness. They feature real string sections, acoustic piano & guitar, glockenspiel, finger snaps, claps, and a refreshing sense of vulnerability, depth, tenderness. The title song, I Remember is one that captures the whole room and creates a listening room environment. 

​Some of Stefani's songs have appeared in shows like Shameless on Showtime Network, Disney Channel, ABC, and various other networks. Stefani is also featured on several released EDM remixes and she loves lo-fi hop hop and epic anthemic house. She is always open to collaborations with remixes of her originals.

Stefani's newest release is "Always With Me Now." Bobby Braddock from Sony ATV, longtime mentor, colleague, and friend who has become like family, helped Stefani on some of the final touches in arrangement and mix in collaboration with Jim Dineen. Her next release slated to be distributed once again via Symphonic is entitled, "Timeless." 

Coming through challenges developing character and depth has become the soul that is a part of her story. Newly single, Stefani has all new online socials so make sure to follow her just as "Stefani". Her new online handle is always stefanismusic on most socials.

Stefani hopes that after listening to her music you will feel refreshed and soothed. 



ASCAP member / Only One You Music 


SAG/AFTRA member

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